The British Cradle of Conflict

When they came, the British saw themselves as modern crusaders, re-capturing the Holy Land. They were greeted as liberators from the oppressive and corrupt rule of the Ottomans. They planned to stay for good yet left after 31 years. The British made conflicting promises – Arab independence and a Jewish National home. They implemented contradictory policies. They developed the country’s infrastructure, building a deep-water harbor, a network of roads and train tracks, provided running water and electricity. They lay the basis for the legal, education and health systems. Their sense of polite ‘Fair Play’ clashed with the bitter struggle between rival nations. They quelled three waves of Palestinian uprisings, imprisoned Holocaust survivors and fought Jewish terrorism. When they left, they were hated equally by all. Was the British Mandate doomed to fail? Did it fail? Their heritage is manifested in grand architecture, the foundations of the state of Israel and the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Route: Generali building > Post Office > Old Municipality > Jaffa gate > Christ Church > Mamilla mall > Palace hotel > King David hotel > YMCA > Yemin Moshe windmill > St Andrew’s Scots Memorial Church.

Duration: 6-8 hours

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