An Artistic Dialogue with the Desert

Ezra Orion was an existential rebel and a laconic sculptor. He erected monuments that converse with their environment and make us measure up to them. To feel a “meaningful spiritual experience” one has to go far into the desert, arriving only after a purifying hike. A sculpture can be understood only as an integral, corresponding part of its surroundings.  He wrote: “Life in a desert may be a slow acquaintance with the barren rocks, unfathomably slow – A rock is a micro-cosmos – – Rocks are mute reservoirs of silence receding back to the creation of the Solar system – – A sculpture is a generator. It is an essence which launches a delta of consciousness processes, far-reaching in space and time. Gaping telescopes of consciousness towards the infinite – –  – sculptural entities are launchers – -“

We will visit the soaring bulldozer of Beer Sheva and the twin pillars of Yeruham, from the vertical railway ties to the massive boulders on the edge of cliff above the Ramon crater. Orion’s creations are “launchpads of consciousness” leading us towards the craters of Mars and the intergalactic infinity.

Route: The bulldozer in Beer Sheva > ‘Identity’ twins in Yeruham > Desert Sculpture gallery in Midreshet Sde Boker > ‘Rock Compound’ in Mizpeh Ramon. Optional – hike to ‘Desert Togetherness’ and the stone lines. Optional – ‘The Condition of Man’ in Sdom. 

Duration: 8-10 hours.

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